EOS Washington = TChain® EOS - FedRAMP MPP EOS SuperNode

Massively-parallel-processing (MPP) EOS Cloud Cluster + FedRAMP-Certified Security + TChain Security Analytics (TSA)

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance-Computing (AIHPC®) cloud from the official Amazon marketplace

Read the Book that Explains AIHPC® Cloud

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Poster - TChain EOS received all 8 check marks for report #9 and #10 by EOS GO

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TChain® EOS SuperNode

For EOS Supremacy

  • Mission - 1) Enable super computing and massively parallel processing (MPP) capability for EOS production nodes by the AIHPC cloud cluster platform; 2) Provide a unique superior technical offering for EOS production nodes; 3) Enable location diversification for the EOS network through TChain/AWS data centers across the world.
  • Differentiation - 1) Unique HPC cloud cluster to materialize 1 million TPS at platform and infrastructure layers, with alive TChain BP node on EOS mainnet. 2) Strong team with PhDs and faculty from top U.S. universities; 3) Pure advanced American security technology offering - the unique TChain Security Analytics (TSA) cloud platform analyzes EOS smart contracts for security vulnerabilities. TChain EOS is not related to the groups that manipulate voters such as "vote buying". TChain EOS shall never offer payment for votes.

TChain Ecosystem Products

TChain: faster and safer QETH mainnet on AIHPC cloud for smart-contract ecosystem

1) Faster platform to run solidity code for smart contracts (e.g., LCAIToken, AIHPCToken, DBOToken); 2) AIPD: see the artificial-brain chatbot demo; 3) AIHPC: launch the AIHPC® cloud from the official Amazon marketplace; Read the Free book

QETH Wallet: mainnet coin ready to use

Collectively increase token prices and exit success rate for tokenized elite projects; Improve the liquidity of pre-IPO shares; Disrupt private investment markets; Combine hardware and software QETH wallets; Support faster global pay in QETH or your tokens for new revenue models; Support central banks to issue new digital currencies

PNN Licensing: first AI strategy builder for investment success in secondary crypto markets

PNN is the first Trendspotting AI machine powered by AIHPC cloud to help asset managers optimize portfolios for more returns. Deep machine learning | Automated model building and selection | Realtime back-test evaluation | Cross validation with opposite portfolios

Book: strong investment research over twenty years

Read High-frequency Trading Models by world-renowned publisher Wiley that summarizes the FinTech graduate teaching of a top university (JHU).

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#5 on the EOS GO Checkmark Table (Report 10)


#7 on EOS Testnet - Target #10 on EOS Mainnet

TChain Tokenization and EOS HPC Node

Modeling after KodakCoin that tripled Kodak's share price with a new revenue model enabled by the digital currency, your company may add value with TChain tokenization that improves the liquidity of your shares.

TChain tokenization shall deliver millions of new tokens for your brand, 10 hardware QWallets, 100 QETH, QWallet training, peer-to-peer decentralized token exchanges, and connections to digital exchanges.

How to request the tokenization? Email token@thetchain.com and fill out the short form to start the TChain tokenization process.

1. Mainnet Three Kingdoms - Ethereum, EOS, TChain

1) EOS + HPC + TChain > Ethereum - EOS does not have base coin while TChain has QETH
2) Ethereum + HPC/Plasma + TChain > EOS - Ethereum does not have scalability while TChain has HPC
3) EOS Dawn 3.0 has been launched on AIHPC super-computing cloud - EOS + TChain Super BP is alive
4) Ethereum ERC20 Tokens + EOS Dawn 3.0 Super Block Provider + TChain ERC20 Tokens -> Cross-chain Tokens
a) Ethereum + TChain cross-chain tokens in the TChain hardware wallets - ready to go;
b) EOS + TChain cross-chain tokens?
c) load/stress testing HPC EOS/TChain node cluster

2. TChain Security Analytics (TSA) + SOS v1.8 DevOps Cloud = SOS 2.0 Cloud

3. TChain EOS Roadmap to Support 1M TPS at Platform and Infrastructure Layers